VI Survey is an innovative survey data preparation tool that helps you clean and standardize your messy survey data quickly. Once your survey data is put through VI Data Prep you will be able to connect to any of our prebuilt Tableau, Spotfire, Qlik Sense or Power BI dashboards.


Making visualizing survey data achievable for everyone

No more wasting time fighting with your survey data.

VI Survey is for anyone who wants to create survey dashboards in less time. The main problem with creating survey dashboards in any data visualization tool is getting the survey data in the correct format. This is what VI Data Prep does for you. Upload your survey data to VI Data Prep from any survey software and use our easy to use interface to standardize your data in a perfect format for any data visualization software.

Once you run your survey data through our data prep software, your survey data will be exported in the same structure every time which allows us and you to create template dashboards that can be reused for all of your surveys. You do not need any data visualization experience, just connect your new standardized data to one of our dashboards and you’re ready to go!

Helping anyone who wants to visualize survey data

You don’t need to be an analyst to create amazing survey dashboards anymore.

Standardize your survey data from any survey software easily
Standardize your survey data from any survey software easily

Clean and reformat your survey data from Survey Monkey, QuestionPro, Survey Gizmo or any other survey software with ease.

Get your dashboard up and running quickly
Get your dashboard up and running quickly

Get an awesome survey dashboard in no time. No more waiting weeks or months for a survey dashboard.

You don't have to be in IT to create survey dashboards
You don't have to be in IT to create survey dashboards

You don't need any BI or IT experience to use our tool and connect to your new data to our prebuilt dashboards, we will walk you through it all.

Save time, money, tears and Tylenol
Save time, money, tears and Tylenol

Let VI Data Prep do all the work for you so you can spend you time on something more productive.

Works flawlessly with our amazing prebuilt dashboards
Works flawlessly with our amazing prebuilt dashboards

If you don't feel like creating your own survey dashboard then just use one of our templates. Connect your survey data to our prebuilt Tableau, Spotfire, Qilk Sense and Power BI survey dashboards.

 Create reusable dashboard in any BI software
Create reusable dashboard in any BI software

Create your own custom reusable dashboard in any data visualization tool that can be used for any survey that is processed through our data prep tool.



Market Research Professional

The end result is an awesome and dynamic Tableau presentation. Our expectations have been exceeded!

Wow your audience with prebuilt survey dashboards

Prepare your survey data for any data visualization tool easier and faster.

Frequently asked questions:

VI Survey is for anyone who wants to analyze their survey data in a data visualization tool easily. We standardize and clean your survey data so that you can easily import your data into our prebuilt dashboards or create your own analytics in any business intelligence tool.

Yes, once you sign up you will be able to go to your account settings page to update your membership whenever you like.

The main difference between the memberships is the number of workflows you get per month and the number of users that have access to your portal.

You use a workflow for each survey project you are standardizing. For example, if you have a customer satisfaction survey that you do every month and you need to standardize the data, then you will create a workflow to do so. This will count as 1 workflow and you can edit the workflow or update the data as much as you want without it counting against you. You will only use another workflow if you have to create an entirely different workflow for a different survey project. A workflow is used everytime you click the "Create a New Workflow" button but not used when you edit or upload new data for a previous workflow.

VI Survey can import data from any online survey platform such as Survey Monkey, Question Pro, Zoho, Google Forms, Survey Gizmo, etc. Just export your survey data from your survey provider and import it into VI Data Prep. Once you import the data and run it through our standardization process, you will be able to export the data or connect to it directly using our API. You can then use one of our dashboards built in the most popular data visualization tools or connect your data to any other business intelligence to do a custom analysis.

Standardizing is the process of getting your data in the same standard format for every survey. This means the final data set will be structured exactly the same every time no matter what questions were asked in the survey. The ending data set that will be exported from our tool will have the same exact columns every time.

The reason you want to standardize your survey data is so that you can create reusable dashboards that can be used for every survey. This will save you a lot of time! Since the data is structured exactly the same every time, just the values change, you can create a template dashboard that can be used over and over again.

In our standardization process, we reshape the data so that we have one column that has all your questions and one that has all your answers. Once we do that it does not matter if the questions are different every time because they are now values and not column headers.

We have done extensive research on what the best structure is for digesting survey data into a data visualization tool. The CEO is a Certified Tableau consultant who has been working on survey visualization projects over the past few years. VI Survey is the sister company of Vizual Intelligence Consulting, a Tableau Consulting and Training company.

This depends on how many questions you have in your dataset. I would say a good benchmark is around 2 minutes per survey question to finish the standardization process.

Once your data is standardized, you can connect the data to one of our prebuilt dashboards from the top data visualization softwares or create your own dashboard in any business intelligence tool you choose.

Connecting your data to our prebuilt dashboards is very easy. You just point the dashboard to the CSV file or connect your dashboard to our database using the credentials we give you. We have plenty of videos showing you how to do it all!

Our dashboard is used to give you a head start. You can customize the dashboards as you like or create your own from scratch.

We have an extensive knowledge base full of training materials that will teach you how to use the tool itself and how to connect the data to the prebuilt dashboards. Also if you have any questions, you can always contact our support team at

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